This week I am excited to be sharing my time management secrets on how to organize without creating hot mess.

I have worked with many capable and powerful women throughout my professional years. These women include lawyers, doctors, practitioners, physician assistants, entrepreneurs, pastors, teachers, stay-at-home moms of 6 children, foster moms, and the list goes on. These women are BOSS LADIES, but if I emptied the contents of their entire closet on their bed and said that we were going to spend the next 8 hours organizing there space – EVERY SINGLE ONE of them would fall into a puddle of tears, reach for the xanax or open a bottle of wine at 9am, and I would be right there with them.

This method of pulling everything out of a space to properly organize it seems to be a popular method, but for the modern day busy family, I really couldn’t disagree more. Here are a few of my top reasons this is NOT the method you should use for your everyday household organizing project:


By the time you pull everything out of the space you are exhausted! Exhausted or not, you better go grab yourself a coffee or a diet coke because you are now standing in a huge pile of mess that needs to be decluttered, organized and put back together before you go to bed. Unless you and your family want to step over the mess for days until you get it picked up, but that is not realistic. The piles are now scattered all over the house because everyone has discovered items in this mess that they cannot live without. You know the story, you pull all of these toys out of the closet that no one has cared about for months and now Johnny just found his favorite toy EVER that he apparently just can’t live without. 


So at this point, you are not only exhausted but also overwhelmed! Now you are looking at a random pile of clutter that seems even more overwhelming because now all the little things that were somewhat neatly tucked into boxes are all over the floor amongst old vacuum cleaners, clothes that need to be donated and piles of junk mail.


Our lives are unpredictable. You have just successfully pulled out everything from your closet! It is scattered all over your bedroom, dresser and bed and little Johnny decided to throw up. Life Interrupted – another reason why I do not think that the modern day busy woman should use this method of organizing.

Over the years I have had to get really good at successfully decluttering a space in four hours. Time Management is a must. Could you imagine if you had a professional organizer come over to your space to empty all the contents, get half of it decluttered and then have to leave with all the mess all over your bedroom or hall? Now don’t get me wrong, there is only so much you can do in four hours. A space might be half way decluttered until the next session, but it doesn’t have to be a hot mess all over the floor or your house. The same goes for you when you attempt a DIY organization project.

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Here are a couple of tips for you DIYers:

1. Empty a small space, a shelf or drawer, at a time. You now have a very manageable pile to go through. Then you are going to decide whether to:

  • Toss (large white bag)
  • Donate (large black bag)
  • Relocate (keep a relocate basket near by)
  • Keep in Space

2. Now if little Johnny throws up, it’s okay, you have a small pile to clean up that can be done quickly.

3. Depending on how much time you have you can either choose to relocate everything in your basket or move on to your next shelf and start the process again. 

4. Once you have finished the entire space you can now toss the big black trash bag in your truck for donations or schedule a donation pick up. 

5. Make sure you follow-through and relocate all of the items in your basket before you get started on the next space. 

Pro Tip: You can see that with this process you can easily manage your time. Going shelf by shelf or drawer by drawer will help you keep an eye on your time. Each time you finish a drawer or shelf you can choose to stop for the day or move on to the next shelf. You can tuck the donation bag, trash bag and relocation basket to an area of the house that won’t get in the way and then plan on picking up where you left off the next day! 

I hope this helps you feel more confident in tackling your organizing project! If you are still looking for further help with organizing your life or home, please reach out! I would love the opportunity to talk with you further. 

Amy Pepin

Professional Organizer in Greensboro, NC

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