If there is one thing I know about women it is that we put this pressure on ourselves to do everything and to do it well.

We feed ourselves this lie that unless we accomplished the task ourselves it wasn’t done “right” or that we showed a sign of weakness by asking for help. But the truth is that when you identify areas in your life that you could use some help, that is actually a sign of strength! Any leader with great time management knows how to delegate. Whether that be a CEO of a major corporation or the mom at home, if you are going to lead well, you have to be able to ask for help when needed. That is where I come in! Keeping an organized and tidy home is practically impossible without the proper systems in place. I know it can be hard to give up control of your home, but the reality is that your home is out of control and it is okay to ask for help on how to manage it better. This will also lead to finding other areas that you may be able to hire out to create margin in your life. This margin that we will create will help you have the time and energy to focus on your life priorities. This may include time to focus on you or your spouse, your children, your friends, your job or your community. There are so many things in life that pull us in all different directions, but I can help you manage those obligations and put order to the chaos. 

One way we create order is to take inventory of the tasks taking up your time. These tasks may be jobs you can hire out to take up less of your time. Tasks such as grocery pick up, dinner prep, cleaning service, babysitting, laundry help, etc. It takes a smart and wise woman who knows how to manage her home and when to outsource tasks for help. If you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or discouraged about your lack of routines or order in your life and home, please reach out to me. I would love to step in and help you where you need it most. I want to help you create a life with margin so that your family can experience peace and calm like never before.

Amy Pepin

Professional Organizer in Greensboro, NC

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