Do you want to make the most of your time and energy in the day so you can
live your best life?

That is exactly what I do when you hire me as your Life Efficiency Coach. We will work together to clarify what it is in life you are actually trying to accomplish and create a plan to get there. I want to help you clear the mental clutter in your life. This will include setting boundaries and making sure you are saying “Yes” and “No” to the correct things in life. I will help you navigate your schedule, routines, and calendars to prevent last minute panic and anxiety. We will create space in your schedule to be on time to events and appointments, to read a book and to make cookies with your kids. 

Life efficiency coaching is for anyone who is feeling:
  • exhausted and unaccomplished
  • unorganized and chaotic
  • unreliable
  • unproductive
  • out of touch with priorities and what matters
  • controlled by your schedule
  • inconsistent and hectic
  • distracted
These are all characteristics of an unorganized lifestyle.
Let me help you sort through your life and help you create
and systems that will help you feel:
  • energized and accomplished
  • organized
  • reliable
  • productive
  • in touch with your priorities
  • control over your schedule
  • consistent and calm
  • focused
Whether you are an entrepreneur, a creative spirit, a working mom or one that stays at home, living a reactive life can be exhausting and drain your joy for life. While we can not change our circumstances we can identify the things that we are able to control. Working on what we can control will make you feel empowered and full of purpose. Taking steps each day to reorganize your life will help you get focused on what matters so you can live a wholehearted life with peace and purpose. 


Amy Pepin

Professional Organizer in Greensboro, NC

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