That dreaded secret place that no one ever sees but you and you can’t ever find the shirt you are looking for, let alone that cute new belt you just bought. It is the place where you hide presents and forbidden toys. It holds your winter clothes and your summer clothes and everything in between. And assuming you do not have Kim Kardashian’s closet space, you are struggling to keep everything organized. 

Today I am ready to help you conquer your closet and keep it organized like a professional. 

First, let’s talk about why it is important to keep an organized closet. 

Having an organized closet helps you start your day off right. Other than that first cup of coffee, your closet is one of the first things that greets you in the morning. Mentally, you will feel refreshed and peaceful when you walk into a closet that is well-thought-out and decluttered. 

Many times we keep items in our closet out of good intentions. This includes the “Someday I will fit into that” section. The “Out of guilt” section including that outfit your sister bought for you but you know you will never wear. Or maybe it was the impulse buy that really was not something you enjoy or makes you feel beautiful.

Whatever the reason for keeping these items, cleaning out your closet will be so freeing! You are not obligated to keep an item that you do not love just because someone gave it to you. You can donate it to a charity that needs it and will benefit from the proceeds. Free yourself from the thought that donating gifts means that you didn’t appreciate the thought. Of course you did! It just wasn’t the right fit for you, but you were still touched by the thoughtful gift. Now it is time to do what’s best for you and not let that item clutter up your closet. 

As far as my method of what sizes to keep, I usually recommend one size up and one size down. Most women fluctuate, so having a size up and a size down can help your closet function well for you. (Side Note: keeping jeans that you wore in college only sends yourself the wrong message, so free yourself from that and give those jeans away!)

We all give into impulse buys at some point. But you don’t have to punish yourself by holding on to your mistake. Again, donate it to a good cause and do your best to learn from your mistake. If you want a beautiful and purposeful wardrobe that you love, you will have to shop with intentionality and do your best not to buy trendy items that will not last or add no value to your closet. 

Now that you are aware of the items that can clutter up your closet, here is how you are going to get rid of them quickly in order to keep an organized closet:

  1. Keep a donation bag in your closet at all times. As you are getting dressed for the day and you notice items that you don’t wear anymore or are holding on to for the wrong reasons, put it in the bag!
  2. Find a local charity, such as a women’s shelter, that you can bring your donations to. Donating to a good cause will help you let go of items easier.

As far as those presents and forbidden toys, I would suggest finding a cute basket to keep in your closet for them or finding a new home in your house. 

I have found that one of the greatest struggles in organizing a closet is having too much stuff for the space you have available. So take time to inventory what you want in your closet, what your wardrobe needs and how to make each piece functional and practical. These tips will help you start your day off right. If after reading this you are still feeling overwhelmed, please contact me. I would love to help you, your day depends on it!

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