This is one of my favorite parts of organizing!

We are going to be able to give everything a “home” in your space. This means that as we declutter, we will be putting into place important systems in your home that will help you have that “flow” you are longing for. These systems will give you the structure you need to get your family on board with your new routine of being organized. 

Here are a few examples of the we can put into place for your family’s newly organized home:
  • Family Command Center: We will find a wall in your home to create a quick stop area that your family will find lists, schedules, chore charts, homework, backpacks, purses, a place for keys, wallets and anything that may come out of pockets. 
  • Short term/long term paper system: When I have a client who is needing a solution to all of the papers that are landing on their kitchen counters, the first thing we do is set up two types  types of systems- a Home Management Binder for all of the time sensitive papers and a Rainbow Filing System for all of your important documents you need to hold on to.
    • Home Management Binders: This will include all of your short term papers – think field trip permission slips and forms that need to be returned to the school by Friday. I also like to stick cleaning schedules, meal plans, and anything you need to reference frequently in this binder. Of course we will also make it look cute!
    • Rainbow Filing System: This is where all of your important papers will land, such as birth certificates, social security cards, medical records, etc. We use a rainbow system to keep it organized and beautiful.
  • Closet Rotations/Seasonal Wardrobe: We will create seasonal bins for your closet. This keeps your current closet clean and organized with only the current season of clothing. You will be able to get dressed easily in the mornings without having to sort through off-season clothes you are not wearing. 
    • Kids: The bins in a child’s closet will be catered to the needs of your child and your family. Many times I create a “Grow-Into Bin.” This is a bin that parents can store clothes that are currently too big for their child.

  • Keepsake Boxes: For adults, we will create keepsake boxes and for children will create an easy, on-going system for all of their artwork, school work, sports certificates, etc. This will be a bin that you can easily toss everything into instead of it taking up counter space. This bin will be cute and we will try to match it to your child’s room decor.

  • Holiday Bins: We will create bins for all of the holidays that your family may have decorations for to keep each holiday organized and easily accessible.

All of these systems can be created for your home to create a functional system of staying organized.

I would love to help you put any or all of these into place at your home!

Amy Pepin

Professional Organizer in Greensboro, NC

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