This is the BIG question I get asked all the time as a professional organizer. 

When you have a home that needs to be organized it can be hard to know where to begin! Everything seems urgent because you so desperately want to have a space that feels clean and organized. But you feel years away from your space looking like that instagram picture that claims to be so “do-able.” 

Take a big deep breath – take my hand, let’s sit and talk this out – I can help. 

OK- so when I go into a clients home the first spaces we look at are the OFFICE and the KITCHEN. 

Here are the things you need to ask yourself:

  1. Are my bills being paid late because of not being organized?
  2. Do I have important documents scattered all over the house? Are they in a huge pile mixed up with Junk mail sitting in my office? 
  3. Do I go into a panic when the school or DR.’s off needs a child’s birth certificate? 
  4. Does my partner frequently become frustrated with me because I can’t locate important or current papers? 
  5. If you answered yes to any of these questions – than you need to start in the office (or your created office like space). Having your bills paid on time, knowing where your important papers are and having a good family filing system will give you the peace you need to start on other areas of your home. 

OK- So let’s look at your kitchen. Let’s have an honest look at your kitchen and pantry and see if this is where you need to begin. Questions to ask yourself. 

  1. Is my pantry cluttered and full of old food? Do I find myself buying items I already had? Do I become frustrated when I try to make meals because I never have anything I need to cook?
  2. Do I get taken out or go through the drive thru more than 3 times a week? Do we often order out because “we have nothing to eat.”
  3. When you open drawers in your kitchen – do things spill out? Does your kitchen work well for you while you are cooking dinner? Or are you constantly looking for things etc. 
  4. How are your countertops? Are they clean and ready for meal prep? Or are they filled with miscellaneous items and papers that should be in the office? 

If you answered Yes to these questions! Then your Kitchen should be done right after your home office. Having your kitchen and pantry cleaned and organized will save your family money and will help you nourish your family with healthy and wholesome meals.

Amy Pepin

Professional Organizer in Greensboro, NC

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